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MINOne of the main barriers to speedy and efficient health outcomes for non-English speaking people in Australia is language and speedy interpretation.

With so many different languages already spoken in Australia, and more arriving into the nation every day, traditional interpreting methods need to be modernised to become more efficient and effective. ezispeak™ has recognised this problem and moved quickly to solve it by changing the way interpreting services are provided in Australia’s health care sector.

ezispeak breaks down traditional barriers with extraordinary ease, using its friendly and caring team of remote-based interpreters to replace old-fashioned and inefficient face-to-face interviews.

It’s Interpreting on Demand™

“We founded ezispeak because it was clear to us that the traditional methods of interpreting services were costly and outdated,” says ezispeak CEO Rebecca Haynes.

“On many occasions, we found that traditional interpreting methods left the consumer and healthcare provider with a disappointing and unsatisfactory outcome, because of time constraints and a limited amount of language coverage available.”

ezispeak has changed that situation for its healthcare providers and consumers, and is keen to share its successes with more organisations in the healthcare sector.

“We are looking to partner with more digital health technology providers.” Ms Haynes said. “We want to provide more seamless health delivery outcomes for non-English speakers.”

“Our model supplies both the service provider and the consumer with a speedy and efficient solution that delivers a near universal positive outcome for both parties,” Ms Haynes said.

This unprecedented success in interpreter services has led ezispeak to further expand its portfolio, by complimenting its established audio suite with a new video translation product. “The success of ezispeak’s digital audio technology has propelled us to launch a video and automated text translation service”, said Ms Haynes. “We are looking for interested parties to partner with us in a pilot of this new cutting-edge business solution in interpreter services.”

The world-leading health and care service provider, Bupa, is a regular user of ezispeak’s interpreter services in its provision of medical assessments to visa applicants in Australia. Many other public hospitals in Victoria also use the ezispeak service with great success through Allied Health and the health procurement body, Health Purchasing Victoria.

  • ezispeak’s interpreters are online and speaking to patients within 60 seconds, in 92% of all cases.
  • 99% of all interpreting requests are successfully handled by a team member within three minutes of the customer or healthcare provider picking up the telephone.
  • ezispeak’s service model and pioneering technology is an ideal solution for any non-English speaker consumer requirements, right across the entire digital health and e-health sector.

In a short space of time, ezispeak has achieved stunning success when used as a replacement for traditional face-to-face interpreters.

  • The Accessibility, Ease of Use, Quality, and Cost all improve when ezispeak is compared with traditional interpreting methodology.
  • Missed appointments and inefficiencies can cost health providers large sums of money, but with ezispeak, these costs are almost entirely removed.
  • An impressive 85% of patients surveyed said that the ezispeak service met their needs; the most powerful endorsement a company can receive.
  • ezispeak is changing the way hospitals, doctors, healthcare providers and nurses interact with patients who need interpreters.


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