More than just a Language Services Provider, ezispeak is your partner.

More than just a Language Services Provider, ezispeak is your partner.




Master the linguistic need of your customers with the industry leader

To share a quote from Nelson Mandela, “Without language, one cannot talk to people and understand them; one cannot share their hopes and aspirations, grasp their history, appreciate their poetry, or savour their songs.”

No matter what our language, we all deserve to be heard.

But when language barriers prevent our words from being understood, a straight-forward conversation can escalate into frustration, anger, and despair.


The art and heart of communication – and how we can help

If communication is at the core of your business, then the accuracy of that communication is the strength of that core. And with over 28% of Australia’s population from non-English speaking backgrounds, is your company really listening to all its customers?

Whether medical staff are trying to explain a procedure to a patient or an elderly customer is talking to an agent about a bill they’ve just received, the way and speed in which customers are truly heard will undoubtedly affect the outcome.

You need a serious, immediate solution for service delivery environments and an expert in real time language solutions.

I’m Rebecca Haynes, CEO of ezispeak™ – Australia's fastest growing provider of real time language services across video, voice and digital technologies – and I’ve been in the industry of media, technology and language services for over 25 years.

During this time, I’ve witnessed my fair share of mishandled conversations that could have otherwise gone well had the right interpreter been there to help.

Even in English, we can all relate to the frustration of being misunderstood or the inability to find the right words in the right situation. Imagine an entire conversation like this in two different languages taking place at the same time  - it’s easy to see how frustrating and enraging it might be for the end-user.

That’s why you can’t afford to trust your translation needs with anyone but the market leader – and believe me when I say that there is no other partner in APAC who delivers the quality, service and speed that we do, even though plenty try to position that they can.

If you need a qualified interpreter fast to help you communicate, you need to look for companies that have demonstrable pedigree in delivering on-demand interpreting.

And that’s why people turn to ezispeak™.


Beware of imitations in the marketplace

ezispeak™ is the only partner of choice when it comes to real time interpreting – and when I say ‘real time’, I mean connecting to an interpreter in 30 seconds. We hear all sorts of stories about long wait times, getting charged for non-supply, excessive billing models, long notice periods and excessive establishment fees – just to get an interpreter connected to a call. That’s simply not right.

Experts in real-time language solutions (we live it and we breathe it!), we provide on-demand phone and video interpreters, web localisation and real time chat technologies.

What’s more, our on-demand interpreting is underpinned by service delivery excellence. We have the fastest connect time to a phone or video interpreter – in around 30 seconds. And we work with some of Australia’s largest iconic brands who entrust ezispeak™ with their on-demand language needs, including Origin Energy and Alfred Health.

And while there are others out there offering something vaguely similar, things are not always what they seem.

What separates us from the pack is our decades of commercial business and operational management experience in this industry, our breadth of languages offered, and both the speed and availability of our services.

Our standards are regarded as the best in practice, which is why some of Australia’s largest iconic brands entrust ezispeak™ with their on-demand language needs, including Optus, Origin Energy, BUPA, Alfred Health, Lumo Energy, and Direct Connect.

By embracing new technologies, our services are about one third the cost of traditional interpreting services – and the effectiveness is beyond comparison.

Plus, with our platforms offering ubiquitous access, you can use our services from anywhere, on any device.


What makes us the originator? We get it. We get you.

We create. We originate. We personalize. And on-demand interpreting is our core business – it’s what we do. We see ourselves as a leader in original ideas, technological innovation, and in our unique approach. No matter how often the other older, slow-to-evolve providers aspire to our proposition, we always stand head and shoulders above the rest – because we’re the first, and best, to market.

Since inception, we have delivered several new services to the market including Australia’s first multilingual consumer self-serve interpreter service which improves operational efficiency through to the launch of Australia’s first on-demand video interpreter solution which provides the health sector with access to a qualified, health experienced interpreter within 45 seconds.

We were once the new kid on the block and now we’re the emerging market leader, the disruptor. So, we’re imitated by legacy businesses in the market trying to transform their own approach and mimic what we do. Yet while we’re not flattered by their mimicry, we are flattered by our customers who see originality and keep coming back to us for more.

We can securely connect you with someone via phone or video, who speaks the language you need in well-under 60 seconds, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


That’s any language. Anywhere. Any time. It’s simply - ezispeak

Whether you’re experiencing a medical matter, legal hearing or simply a customer service enquiry, our team of interpreters will be by your side in less than one minute to make sure you have a positive, productive conversation.


Our interpreters and translators are real people too

Our Australian based, qualified professional interpreters and translators originate from all over the world and are experts in what they do. When on the call, their unique position of hearing both sides mean they can focus not only on the accuracy of what’s being said, but also the emotion and intent behind it. In this way, they’re able to support both you and your customer during the conversation, with complete impartiality, to ensure a successful interaction – it’s a highly accessible, world-class interpreter solution.


So, if communication is at your core of your business, can you really afford to look anywhere else?

To learn how some of Australia's largest iconic brands are changing the way they view language services by working with ezispeak™ – the industry's original and only subject matter experts in real time language service provision – visit to learn more.


About the Author

Rebecca Haynes is the Founder and CEO of ezispeak™, an organization delivering real-time language capability into its customers' service delivery environments. Working across video, voice and digital service channels, ezispeak can provide language access at the point of need allowing organisations and consumers to transact without barrier or limitation. To find out more, visit

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