Who is ezispeak?

Who is ezispeak?

Since our inception almost 8 years ago, a lot has changed. So we thought it would be fitting, considering its the beginning of a new financial year, to re-introduce ourselves.

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In the beginning, ezispeak was a small business with a big heart, built on passion for equality and change. Fast forward to 2018, we’ve experienced rapid growth through market changing products, services and customer care. However, we have always stayed true to our origins (and still have a big heart).

Today, ezispeak is recognised as an industry leader in providing language at the point of need through our market revolutionising telephone and video interpreting services. We are the only Language Service Provider in the Australian market that can deliver a service rate of over 99% accompanied by an average interpreter connection time of 35.2 seconds in over 180 languages.


So, how do we do it? – I hear you ask…

We do this by developing bespoke telephone and video interpreting solutions for our clients, which returns procurement control back to the buyer, as opposed to the “set and forget” approach which has been in the market for decades. We’d love to tell you more about all the backend principles and workflows, but like a good magician, we can’t reveal our secrets 😉

Being a business based on helping people connect and communicate, we ourselves couldn’t do it without our awesome team who allow us to leverage their skills and expertise to drive our passion as we move forward in an ever-changing environment.


What sets us apart?

We pride ourselves on utilizing the latest technology and best practice from around the globe, and that’s what really sets us apart in the local market and allows us to compete on a global stage. Understanding that the Australian ‘Language Services’ industry operates on a ‘It’s the way we’ve always done it’ mentality, its been our mission to be the ‘drivers of change’ and greatly improve the experience of not only the non-English speaking users, but to also give control back the buyer, and reduce their cost to serve whilst drastically improving their internal efficiencies and  overall customer experience – Not a bad result if you ask us (or our clients for that matter).

Ezispeak is big on service delivery transparency. In addition to our in-depth monthly client reporting, we are also very excited to be launching our business intelligence platform, ‘ezispeak360’ later this month. Unfortunately, you’ll need to be part of the club (AKA a client) to access it.


Want to learn more on how ezispeak can reduce your costs, improve your internal workflow efficiency and provide a better CX for your multilingual clients?

Please feel free to schedule in a time with me by clicking on the below link (my shout for a coffee):

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#we’reexpecting – LocalizCX coming soon.


Kind Regards

Paul McGee
General Manager Sales & Marketing

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ezispeak partners with NZ Gov for phone interpreting
More than just a Language Services Provider, ezispeak is your partner.
More than just a Language Services Provider, ezispeak is your partner.
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